My workshops are interactive and interdisciplinary. I deliver poetry, creative writing and academic writing workshops.As a performer and researcher, I draw on playful and decolonial pedagogies to create spaces of care, joy and learning.

I have delivered workshops in organisations like Africa Writes, Coventry City of Culture and the Tate Modern. I have also worked with schools like Stoke Newington, Cardinal Pole and Warwick University. In November 2020, I launched my ‘so you want to…?’ workshop series which aims to equip university students with time-management and academic writing skills. Since its launch, the workshop has been attended by over 100 students.

I also offer 1:1 sessions that are tailored to your needs. These sessions involve creating a system for goal-setting and vision boarding. I also provide resources such as toolkits, videos and articles that will address clients’ needs. Services range from coaching clients on launching a digital platform to academic advice.

Organisations I've Worked With


I came to Lanaire for simple academic advice but I left with precious nuggets of wisdom to apply to every area of my life. And this wisdom wasn't the fluffy or airy kind, but rather one with concrete steps I could take from the next day to start seeing the change I needed, especially with my academics. She truly spoke my language, made my goals much more tangible to me and i can confidently say her help truly changed my outlook o all aspects of uni (and honestly, on life!). The personal development that I'd been seeking for over 2 years gradually began to show after just a few weeks of listening to her. All I can say now is thank you!