future show - coventry 2020

I wrote and voiced an audio play that was commissioned by Coventry City of Culture. This audio play is an adaption of the amazing deborah pearson’s play ‘ the future show’ . in this world , twitter has been taken over by an elite few creating a dystopian online world that enforces control on society online and offline. i was also inspired by orwell‘s 1984 ( big brother is watching u) + the foucauldian panopticon- a concept that explains why many of us might feel watched or why those ads pop up. lot of my work is grounded in theory so I put this theory into practice by capturing stories of state surveillance ( colonial apparatus/logic/policing) and the discomfort of feeling/being watched

a  collaboration with deborah Pearson, andy smith and ira brand. produced by titilola dawudu and claire doherty.


The future show 2020 is a collaboration between situations studio and coventry uk city of culture 2021 – produced remotely in lockdown.