change your style

change your style is a poetry film that explores childhood, hair, and intimacy. I was inspired by experiences of braiding, pulling attachments, cutting, trimming, and transformation in the salon and bedrooms.

I performed ‘change your style’ at Sunday school’s hairstyle exhibition at Peckham palms in august 2019

whilst attending a brooklyn brothers’ x yellow zine programme called ‘night school’ , i wrote + directed my first poetry film called ‘change your style’. It premiered on youtube in november 2019.

creative director : judith akua arthur (judiffa)
cinematographer : yomi atiko

in february 2020, as part of my iatl assessment during my 3rd year at university, I curated a festival. the festival was organized by black women from hairstylists to historians and was attended by over 100 students. films, poems and talks were shared.