an evening with verse writer

'An evening with verse writer’ is a poetic theatre production laced with a powerful blend of music and visual art. It is an adaption of poems and journal entries from my poetry anthology ‘of ivory and ink’. 

Inspired by the timeless words of Audre Lorde’s quote “your silence will not protect you”, this play recounts stories of my childhood through intricately woven poems: the loss of memory and the joy of remembering through to stories of Black women’s resistance in several parts of the world.

an evening with verse writer is an interactive piece. each poem is laced with sounds from instruments, voices, applause and shouts; inviting the audience to take part and express themselves in these moments.


poetry show at imperial arts audio gallery , letchworth garden city- 24th june 2017

of ivory and ink launch, lucid lemons, lagos - 5th august 2017

tristan bates theatre, london - dec 10th and 11th 2018

shoot festival, coventry - 6th april 2019

warwick arts centre, coventry - 2nd to 3rd october 2020